Donut Mix

Donut mixes for raised and cake donut mix. Our cake mix was featured on the food channel in Jan. 2020  on "the best thing I ever ate". You will love how moist and rich tasting the donuts produced are with this cake mix.

The raised mix is light and rolls easy on the first and second cut of production. Works on table cut or mechanical sheeting. The raised formulas create a light sweet dough that is perfect for raised donut or a mild sweet dough for filled pastries or kolaches.

All formulas have been time tested and are sold all throughout the U.S. for over 60 years with amazing and consistent results. Just add water and mix by following the instructions on the bag. (raised dough requires granulated yeast)

  • Samples are available for all flavors- Raised and Cake
  • 35 pound boxes are for shipments under 200 pounds total order weight and will be shipped by parcel service.
  • 50 pound bags are for shipments over 200 pounds total and will be shipped on a pallet.