Essential pieces of equipment to set up your bakery business for success:

  1. Mixers
    Mixers are the foundation of production in a bakery. A large dough mixer with whisk attachments and countertop mixers are typically considered necessary. The biggest mistake is only having one mixer. Two Mixers are always considered the minimum in case one breaks down.
  2. Ovens
    Different bakeries have different ovens depending on what they plan to make. Stone deck ovens create amazing hearth breads, convection and non-convection ovens are good for cakes and cookies.
  3. Dough proofer
    Proofers make the dough-rising process simple by optimizing heat and humidity. Dough is uniformly proofed, in a contained environment which streamlines the production process.
  4. Dough sheeter
    Planning to open a pastry/donut shop? Rolling out dough by hand is time consuming. A dough sheeter can standardize the process and save tons of time.
  5. Bread slicer
    Planning to offer fresh breads? Many patrons will want the option to have it cut. If bread is your business's focus, a bread slicer is a necessity, as it will allow you to quickly cut uniform slices for easy bagging and sale.
  6. Sheet pan racks
    All those delicious baked goods you’ll be making need space to cool. Research the wide range of sheet pan racks available to match your space / capacity needs.
  7. Dry storage
    Dry ingredients are the foundation of many baked goods. Proper storage is essential for ingredients like flour or sugar, but also for the wealth of smallwares found in the kitchen.
  8. Refrigeration
    Eggs, milk and cream are key ingredients in many baked products. Make sure they are safely stored in the correct refrigeration unit.
  9. fryers
    Doughnut fryers are necessary to create those sugary, tasty treats no one can resist.
  10. Display case
    Visibilty of products is essential for any bakery. A quality glass display case showcase’s all your baked goods.
  11. Wood Top Work Table
    A wood top prep table is the best surface for bakers to refine their craft. Ideal for kneading dough, flouring, and other various prep tasks, the wood top can be a baker's best friend when working.