Belshaw Proofing Tray for Mark VI (used with Feed Table).

Belshaw Proofing Tray for Mark VI (used with Feed Table)

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The Belshaw Feed Table, Proofing Trays and Proofing Cloths produce high quality yeast-raised donuts on a standard Mark VI donut system. Take one proofing cloth and one proofing tray from your stock. You should have at least 24-48 trays depending on your daily production. Place the proofing cloth on top of the proofing tray. Place rolled and cut donuts on the proofing cloth, between the lines. Repeat the process several times. Allow donuts to rise. Insert tray, cloth and donuts into a proofer to speed up the process. After the donuts have risen, carry each proofing tray, proofing cloth and the donuts (together) to the Feed Table. Place the proofing cloths and donuts on the feed table with the rod in front of one hook on each side of the Feed Table's stainless steel chain. Pull out each Proofing Tray and store it for the next use. The Feed Table advances in time with the fryer and drops the proofed donuts automatically between the bars of the fryer conveyor. The Proofing Cloths are ejected below the Feed Table, ready for re-use