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Belshaw Adamatic DX Harmony Eco-Touch Deck Oven

Belshaw Adamatic DX Harmony Eco-Touch Deck Oven

Belshaw Adamatic

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The DX "Harmony" Eco-touch Deck Oven has all the features necessary to make the traditional artisan breads that your customers crave! Each deck has a single piece hearth stone and separate top / bottom temperature control. With the individual steam system, you can achieve the amount of crust that you prefer. Traditional breads, without the guesswork and skill of a traditional brick fired oven. With the advanced and user friendly "Eco-touch" touch screen controller for precision programming by expert bakers, and easy usage by novices. Available in 1-tray, 2-tray, 3-tray and 4-tray width models Can be stacked up to 5 decks high 7-1/2" interior space each deck Independent controls for top and bottom elements to create the perfect balance of heat Single-piece, heavy sole plates for evenly distributed bottom heat - perfect for traditional oven-bottom bread Each deck separately controlled for complete flexibility Hygienic stainless steel construction, inside and out, for ease of cleaning and long-term durability Provides a gentle, mellow bake each time Pre-steam function 7-day, 24-hour timer optimises baking efficiencies Rapid heat recovery rate Simple damper facility Illuminated bake chamber uses halogen bulbs with external access Generous, thick slabs of rock wool insulation deliver exceptional heat retention All decks have a generous 8ƒ? crown. Helps reduce energy consumption by only heating the decks needed Modular components ƒ?? make it suitable for installation in basements or above-ground-level locations Includes "Eco-touch" touch screen controller made famous on the BX oven for it's ease of use for choosing from bake menus. The Eco-touch controller can incorporate photos and graphics to make menu selection easy and error-free Controller has capacity for 240 bake programs, with up to 6 bake phases possible for each program. 'Eco' features include sleep mode, 7-day timer, and Auto Shutdown 'Touch' features include graphical menu selection, favorites menu, 7 day timer, voice alerts, diagnostic reports, help function at the top of each screen Uploads by USB Optional canopy w/650 cfm fan Optional stand w/locking casters 208-240V or 440-480V, 60 hertz, 3-phase Canopy: 208-240/60/1 ETL listed to UL-197 and NSF-4 1 year parts/labor warranty See specifications (pdf), and feel free to contact Belshaw at your convenience for more information.

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