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APEX Icing Shortening / Cake Icing / Donut Filling - APEX 106275 56 by Stratus

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Apex offers a new, unprecedented standard of shortening functionality without the PHO, expanding the reach of non PHO soy based shortenings into more challenging baking, icing, and Donut applications. Unlike other products produced in the post-PHO era, which suffer reduced functionality and flexibility compared to PHO, Apex is a true PHO-free drop-in solution.

“Apex offers PHO utility without the PHO,” said Roger Daniels, Vice President of Research, Development and Innovation at Stratas Foods. “This innovation moves the needle in terms of consistency, stability, firmness, and performance by leveraging, for the first time, the marriage of Stratas’ functional crystallization with an expanded and more resilient fatty acid platform. Moreover, APEX achieves this major step with a soybean oil, rather than a palm oil based system.”

APEX for our customers has been a true game changer. Our customers that used Stratas PS-99 with PHO's feel this is the best substitute they have found. Many of our customers liked it better.

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