Sparkleaid Shortening Fryer filter powder

Sparkleaid Shortening Fryer filter powder

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Sparkleaid Fry powder is a great investment that will save you money on the cost of oil. It keeps the oil fresher and usable longer and prevents the loss of oil through absorption into food.


Not only will you save money on oil, you'll save money on energy. Frying with Fry powder enables the fryer to operate at a lower temperature and it even cooks food so that it reaches higher internal temperatures. It increases the heat delivery to the food centers because it reduces the formation of contaminates such as acrylamide and transfatty acids. When the oil isn't contaminated, it cooks food faster, because the oil isn't being absorbed into the food. Absorption of oil into food slows down the cooking process, increases oil uses, and is unhealthy.

This bulk container of Frypowder can satisfy needs of both large and small fryers and is suitable for use with any type of oil. The containers come with measuring cups that are labeled for the right portions for your fryer.

 Sparklaid has found acceptance in all aspects of the hospitality industry, from food-service and Quick Service Restaurants to convenient stores and hotels.Completely organic,every component in Sparklaid is specifically selected to attack these oil deteriorating chains on a chemical level through ion exchange and adsorption, as well as water absorption. Sparklaid accomplishes this through a combination of positive and negative charges that bind to acids and toxins, which helps maintain the PH level and allows for a more effective overall filtration of harmful chains. The natural chemical properties of Sparklaid also restore the color and natural aromas of the oil.

Sparklaid absorbs smaller chemicals that the mechanical portion would not have filtered out without Sparklaid.