Custom Transport Delivery Boxes For Pastries and Cakes - Lid and Bottom

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This is a custom made full size 2 piece box 17 x 25 bakery tray that allows donuts, pastries or other bakery products, such as full sheet cakes to be arranged for your customers. This size box accommodates a full size sheet pan or display tray. The product sets down in the bottom tray of the box when folded and locked in place. The lid goes over the product to create a sealed, stackable means of transport. Very thick cardboard with locking pieces for quick assembly. 

This tight seal allows the product to be in a clean safe environment during transport to the wholesale customer from your operation. The trays come flat and easy to store until assembled. Placing reinforced tape on the corners after the box is constructed will allow the sturdiness of the box to be increased allowing for the boxes to be stacked in the transport vehicle.