Blakeslee Food Mixer Stainless steel Bench Model B-20-CA

Blakeslee Food Mixer Stainless steel Bench Model B-20-CA

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Enamel or Deluxe Polish Finish

Automatic Timer

Three speed, gear driven bench 20-qt 19 liters mixer with planetary mixing action to ensure uniform and complete mixing of all ingredients in the mixing bowl. Auxilliary Drive furnished for operating various optional attachments.

Gear Driven with choice 3 selected speeds. Automotive type gears with special wide faces. Gears constantly in mesh run in a special lubricant that fully seals in transmission. Heavy Duty ball bearings and heavy duty clutch to assure trouble free performance.

1/2 H.P. 0.375 kw ball bearing, grease packed, ventilated motor mounted in drip proof enclosure. Motor wired to flush mounted timer or optional switch.

20 qt. 19 liters capacity bowl is raised and lowered by means of convenient hand lever on side of mixer. Bowl automatically locks in up and down positions. Adjustment for proper clearance between bowl and beater is provided through access panel at rear of column.

Blakeslee-quality enamel paint over carefully applied undercoats. Deluxe model has a highly polished finished for handsome appearance and ease of claening.