Raised Dough Ring Depositor

Raised Dough Ring Depositor

Type F Yeast Raised Donut Depositor


The new method of making yeast-raised donuts that are every bit as delicious as those made by rolling and cutting dough. With the new Type F-YRD  yeast raised donut depositor, you can make delicious yeast raised donuts that are by depositing the dough straight onto a frying screen!

  • Raised donut mix is mixed as normal.
  • Donuts are deposited by the Type F-YRD onto a regular frying screen 
  • While on the screen, donuts are proofed normally, and fried like any other raised donut in a standard kettle fryer
  • The Type F-YRD can be used with Open Kettle fryers, or Donut Robot Mark II, Mark V, and Mark VI systems
  • The Type F-YRD is adapted from Belshaw's Type F, and so is easy to use and reliable for many years
  • The Type F-YRD uses a special plunger and cylinder combination to deposit donuts, and is distinct from Type F cake donut depositor. The two depositors are not interchangeable.
  • Yeast-raised donuts made on the Type F-YRD are as equally delicious as donuts made using standard methods. There is no drop-off in quality, texture or taste.
  • Donuts made with Type F-YRD can be up to 4" diameter.

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