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Belshaw Donut Robot Rack Loader Mark II, Mark V, and Mark VI Rack loader w/ extra height for gas models

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RACK LOADER With Extra Height for Gas Models

Simple, efficient method of collecting Donuts from Donut Robot® Fryers onto glazing screens. The Roto-Cooler looks better, the Rack Loader is more efficient!

The Rack Loader is compatible with Donut Robot® Mark II, Mark II Gas, and Mark V and Mark VI. The Rack Loader is all about productivity and speed. If you need to glaze or ice Donuts, or if you want to put the Donuts into a baking rack temporarily, the Rack Loader is the helper that you need. 

The Rack Loader stores about 10 or more screens in a stack. As one screen fills up, remove it - the next screen is underneath and Ready to take its place. Each screen holds 24 Donuts. Screens are 17" x 25" and fit into a standard baking rack.



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