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Belshaw Donut Robot Table Mark II, Mark V, and Mark VI Support Table

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The Support Table is designed to safely support all Donut Robot ® fryers, Roto-Cooler (or Rack Loader), and EZMelt. It has holes and bolt holes to accept fryers and equipment underneath such as the EZMelt filter. Also has shelf storage for screens and other accessories such as the Roto-Cooler.

Support Table for the Mark VI (MK6-1005) - used with the FT6-1004 Support Table for the Feed Table with pre-machined holes

Designed to withstand the weight of the fryer and the weight of the cooking oil. Don't allow yourself to purchase a standard stainless worktable and take the chance of causing an accident from the table not supporting the weight of the equipment and supplies. This is made of heavy duty Stainless Steel and Square Tubing.

Supports the Mark VI fryer from Belshaw , with a storage area for the EZ Melt 34 Filteration System, and the RL18 Rack Loader.

The rack also provides storage area for Shortening, Glaze, Screens and assorted items.

Belshaw Adamatic MK6-1005

88 5/16 x 33 3/16" x 36

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