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BELSHAW INSIDER Ventless Donut System - Mark II (6 options provided under variants)

Belshaw Adamatic

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Make sure to view the page for INSIDER Ventless Donut System Accessories

  • EZ Melt 18 Filter
  • Graphic Wrap Installation
  • Insider Extension (Includes shelf and window) to accommodate FT42 Feed Table for Raised Donuts

The MOBILE, VENTLESS DONUT FRYER SYSTEM Package comes with the ventless fire suppression cabinet and choice of fryer type, drain valve and roto-cooler. The wrap is purchased separately as well as the accessories such as the ones listed above or additional hoppers and plungers for convenience.

MOBILE, VENTLESS DONUT FRYER SYSTEM (APPROX 37 DOZEN STANDARD CAKE DONUTS PER HOUR)The Insider-II Clean-Air Ventless system includes Insider Cabinet, Donut Robot® Mark II automated donut maker and Roto-Cooler, plus filtering options.

  • The Insider is Belshaw Adamatic's ventless donut frying system that eliminates the need for a standard exhaust hood. With its ability to operate indoors, the Insider offers unique benefits:
  • The Insider can be easily moved from one place to another.
  • The exhaust hood is built-in and there is no exterior duct work.
  • The Insider is designed to attract the interest of passers-by. With its large window viewing area and attractive appearance the Insider has great merchandising potential.
  • Customers in high traffic areas can watch the Insider frying donuts automatically. The operator has only to mix batter, fill the Donut Robot® hopper and bag donuts from the Roto-Cooler, a rotating tray that collects the donuts automatically.
  • The Insider accepts vehicle-style banner wraps (see photos)
  • The Insider eliminates the purchase and installation cost of standard ventilation and fire suppression hoods.The Insider-II Clean-Air system includes Insider Cabinet, Donut Robot® Mark II automatic fryer, and Roto-Cooler.
  • 2 Filtering options are available (See Accessories)
  • The EZMelt Melter-Filter is recommended.
  • A Filter-Flo Siphon can also be used as an alternative
  • The Insider addresses fire prevention, air filtration, and sanitation requirements. Cabinet and fryers are tested by ETL and listed to UL-197, UL-710B, CSA C22.2 and NSF-4 standards.

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