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"Ready To Use" Donut Glaze 45 Pounds Pail

"Ready To Use" Donut Glaze 45 Pounds Pail


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Enhance the look and taste of your items with this Quality donut glaze! This easy-to-use glaze has a clean, sweet taste and translucent color that will give the donuts a visually-appealing, glossy shine.

In addition to donuts, this glaze is perfect for icing cookies, sweet rolls, crullers, scones, and other pastries to merchandise at your donut shop or in your cafe's bakery case.

This pre-made Glaze is ready to use and does not require you to mix any ingredients prior to use. With no preparation required, this glaze is perfect for bulk and last minute orders and reduces the possibility of human error happening when making your own recipes. The reduction in labor cost for you and the efficiency of open and pour allows your staff to devote more time to decorating your baked goods!

The glaze can be stored at room temperature and should not be stored above 80 degrees Fahrenheit.