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White Roll and Pastry Icing 22 Pounds Ready To Use

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Want the best flavored White Iced donuts? Simply heat the product and you can either pour the icing over your item, or dip it.

If the soft fondant Icing is tempered correctly, if will give a superior shine when set. The white fondant Icing can be flavored. This is different from the traditional use of fondant, This Quality soft fondant can be used to replace part of the icing sugar in buttercream or mock cream.

The Icing can also be used to make soft Icings and fudge icings which will have a smoother consistency. If you follow the rules and methods you should obtain a good gloss in most instances.

This ready to use Quality "Vanilla White icing is a ready to use icing allowing you to serve a White Iced product that will raise the level of Vanilla flavor and set you apart from your competition, then it will bring your customers back for more.

Used on Donuts, Cookies, Scones, Sweet Rolls and a variety of other baked and fried goods.