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734FG Donut Fryer Propane standing pilot (no Power)


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  • Gas-heated, Frying Area 34 x 24 inches (86 x 61 cm)

    This industry standard donut fryer is used by donut shops and bakeries all over North America and the world! The fryer holds 48 standard size cake or yeast-raised donuts and has a capacity of approximately 120-150 dozen donuts/hour. The standard 734CG model uses an electrical source for electronic ignition. 734FG model does not require an electrical connection.
  • Frying Area 34 inches side-to-side, 24 inches front-to-back (86 x 61 cm)
  • Gas heated at 89,000 BTU/hr
  • Shortening capacity 215 lbs by weight, 29 gallons by volume (98 kg/110 liters)
  • Capacity 48 standard donuts, approximately 120-150 dozen donuts per hour
  • Liquid Propane
  • 120 Volts , 50/60Hz, 1-phase.
  • Drain tray on right side of fryer. Can be moved to left side
  • Drain and valve with exterior handle to empty shortening
  • 2 cake donut frying screens with handles
  • ETL certified to NSF-4, ANSI Z83.11a and CSA1.8a.2004
  • (Optional) Standing pilot ignition and thermocouple temperature control – no electricity required. This models is designated: 734FG
  • A ventilation and fire suppression hood is usually required for indoor locations.

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