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Belshaw Loukoumades Plunger for Type B/F depositor

Belshaw Adamatic

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The Standard Loukoumades Plunger makes 3 per plunger stroke. The plunger is for a 2" cylinder only. The Plunger is 2" in diameter , with (3) x 3/4" round holes to create the Loukoumades. To create a variance in size of the Loukoumade the adjustment control on the Belshaw type B/F depositor can vary from 1-3 controlling the deposit amount of batter.

Loukoumades are bite-sized sweet honey balls, which are deep fried to golden and crispy perfection. Greek donuts (loukoumades) are traditionally served soaked in hot honey syrup, sprinkled with cinnamon and garnished with chopped walnuts or toasted sesame seeds. Simply irresistable! For the chocolate lovers go over the top and drizzle these delicious Greek donuts (loukoumades) with some rich chocolate sauce!


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