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Belshaw HI18 Extra Icing Pan For HI18F Icer Models

Belshaw Adamatic

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The optional extra icing pan is useful when using multiple icing flavors (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, etc) on a Belshaw Adamatic HI18F Icer.

Instead of emptying, cleaning, and refilling a single pan with multiple flavors, you can save large amounts of time by using one pan for each flavor. When you change icing, you can simply swap the pan for another with a different flavor.

But remember that most donut icings neeed to be warm when you apply them to donuts. For that reason, when you change to a new flavor the new icing must be warmed in advance.You can do this either with an extra heating panel (see accessories), or an oven set to very low heat, with the icing covered.

* You will need a lid for the icing during storage- don't forget Icing Pan Covers

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