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(918) 739-4371

GP-RS' SYSTEM MK-1025X1-9/16 Hopper for use of RS Ball Plunger with GP Models

Original price $1,325.00 - Original price $1,325.00
Original price
$1,325.00 - $1,325.00
Current price $1,325.00

* You only need this if you do not currently have a standard 1-9/16" hopper with your GP Mark unit or have the 1-13/16 plunger and hopper for the Mark Unit.

Belshaw 9/16 Donut Robot Standard Hopper (Without Plunger) 

With this Donut Robot Standard Hopper (Plunger not included) You can run more flavors making your lineup by just switching to this extra hopper making your operation more streamlined by switching out hoppers for different Donuts lineups, all while your operation more efficient.

Plunger sold separately 

MK-1025X1-9/16 Donut Robot standard hopper (w/o plunger)

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