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Belshaw HI24F High Production Icers (2 Options in Variants)

Belshaw Adamatic

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Compatible with 24 x 24 inch glaze screens, for 624 and 724 fryers and Century donut production systems

Belshaw's HI24F Icer provides fast, uniform icing of cake and yeast-raised donuts without the need for hands to touch the product or icing. Full screens or bun pans can be iced in less than one minute. Special skills are not needed - consistent, uniform icing can be applied by a novice.

The HI24F icer accommodates glazing screens or bun pans sized up to 24 x 24 inches (61 x 61 cm).

The unit can ice 36 standard size donuts at one time.

It occupies little space and is moveable on casters.

Icing is held in a large capacity icing pan. The icing pan is warmed by a low wattage, radiant air heating panel. Belshaw's unique donut handling system dips the donuts to the icing and produces excellent smudge-free finished products, without immersing the screen or bun pan. The finished product is ready for display immediately.

Changeover to different flavors is made easier by extra icing pans and heating panels which can be stored under the icing unit. When you need to change icing flavors, you can insert a new pre-warmed icing pan.

Heavy-duty construction and sound design facilitate cleaning and provide a durable product that will stand up to years of everyday use.

120V and 240V models are available.

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