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Pastry Liquid Butter Brush Dispensing System

Pastry Liquid Butter Brush Dispensing System


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This Tablecraft  Saferfood,  Pastry and Food brushing system makes adding butter to pastries or seasoning and grilling your favorite meats easy. It holds up to 20 oz. and has tightly placed bristles to spread liquid butter, marinades or sauces and fully coat the product you are cooking. This bottle is perfect for bakeries, diners, bistros, and restaurants that demand an alternative to messy pastry or sauce brushes. With this convenient bottle, everything is in one place. No hassle, no mess! It's perfect for applying your favorite sauces to chicken, ribs, and steak, and there is no chance of mixing brushes and sauces. On pastries you apply a small amount of pressure and apply butter easy for cinnamon rolls, or baked goods. You can even use it over and over, because the durable, water resistant silicone bristles for basting meats and pastries are snugly incorporated within the plastic lid. Squeeze your favorite marinade recipes straight onto the product and spread it in one easy step for efficiency and cut time and confusion out of your kitchen routine. This incredible system allows you to dispense and brush at the same time, eliminating broken bristles and spilled butter. The brush is made from high temperature silicone (up to 500°F/260°) so you never have to worry about your food being too hot to handle. Made from NSF certified, leak proof soft polyethylene, the bottle is easy to grip and clean.

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