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Mini 2 Inch One Row Donut Cutter

Mini 2 Inch One Row Donut Cutter

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  • ★ Donut Cutter Mold - Cutting to a rounded, yeast donut, and donut cutter comes with a hole in the middle.
    • ★ Wide Application - Rotary cutters are used in food stores, donut shops, supermarkets, kitchens, schools, institutions, etc..
    • ★ Premium Material - The donut cutter is made of cast aluminum and is attached to a steel shaft with a hardwood handle.
    • ★ Easy to Use - Our donut making mold is simple and easy to use for time saving.
    • ★ Long Lasting Effect - Use the donut cutter mold correctly to ensure long-term use.


    Cutters are cast aluminum and revolve on a steel axle fitted with hardwood handles. Accurate dough cutting minimizes dough trimmings. Simple and easy enough to be a valuable time saver for anyone. Handle cutters properly for long lasting satisfaction.

    For cutting mini specialty donuts with hole in center.

    Makes 7 cuts in one revolution.

    Center hole is 13/16 inch diameter.

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