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Thunderbird Planetary Mixer J Hook for Donut Dough

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The dough hook attachment that arrives with a Thunderbird mixer is a spiral-shaped metal Bread hook that helps to knead the dough without you having to put in too much effort. Donuts require a different hook to form a light and well proofed dough that has properly formed gluten. 

 There is a significant difference between a “J” hook and a reverse spiral dough mixing arm. To tell the two apart the “J” hook looks exactly as its name implies while the reverse spiral dough mixing arm has a pronounces twist at the bottom of the hook. This twist forces the dough back down into the bowl while the dough is mixing simulating the folding process bread goes through.

The J hook is designed specifically for donuts, to stretch and knead the dough while the gluten strands are strengthened. This forms a better tasting and lighter donut. We suggest all donuts to be made with the J hook attachment.

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