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Belshaw Type N French Cruller Plunger

Belshaw Adamatic

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For French Cruller and French Cake donuts.

French Crullers are premium donuts made with a special 'eggy' mix that gives them a different taste and texture to other cake donuts. No box of donuts is complete without them! And they often price higher than other donuts. 

French Cake donuts are made by the same plunger using regular cake donut mix. If you have no Crullers, then French Cake donuts are a good alternative. 

  • You will need a cylinder of the same size as your plunger.
  • If you have two plungers of the same size, you only need one cylinder.

Plunger sizes, diameter (inches)

1-1/2, 1-5/8, 1-3/4, 1-7/8, or 2

Plunger sizes, diameter (mm)

38.1, 41.3, 44.5, 47.6 or 50.8

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